About us...

We set all it Up

Our happy customers are no more busy with digital marketing tasks. Instead of it, they focused on their core business and customers. For instance, it may sound Like a Dream! Let’s go in deep to see details…

We believe entrepreneurs need to automate marketing, sales and create e-services. By doing this, they can perform on their core business.

Think of this system as a marketing machine. You got all the marketing know-how, system, and people in TBR. Starting from a complete digital marketing strategy and plan, our services;

  • make your pages receive more traffic,
  • make your customers behave more engaged and
  • helps purchase decisions and actions better, faster, cheaper.

Let your digital marketing operations transforms real digital with us. You focus on your operation and make it grow!

We understand you, we used to have digital marketing problems.

When our co-founders meet in 2018 they were consulting startups all over the world for business development, globalization, and investment raising. In most businesses but good marketing was always the biggest obstacle. Not only for new businesses but also for the existing businesses of their portfolio companies.

There were many dilemmas… Learning digital marketing, or working with an agency, or both together. Dealing with too many tools, many people, metrics, and technical crises, and costs of all or finding a partner or employee to do it. And the worst of all was sometimes even budget hasn’t been able to solve digital marketing problems.

Inspired by this digital marketing problem, idea of TheBlueRed was born in 2020.

TheBlueRed idea was born.

TheBlueRed(TBR) is established as a Digital Transformation and Digital Marketing company with an angel investment. Another group of investors was joined with Serial A Investment to TBR. Therefore, TBR got a powerful company in a short time in all dimensions.

TBR Team is consists of highly motivated people now serving multi-sectoral and multi-national exclusive customers. In addition, shareholders solved portfolio companies’ digital marketing problems with TheBlueRed.