Entrepreneurial Misconceptions on Marketing

Over the last 10 years, TheBlueRed executives have worked with hundreds of startups. Some of these grew very fast. Others, although they have good products, could not catch up with the growth trend. As a reason, it was seen that startups that could not grow fast were in many mistakes. Here are the misconceptions of entrepreneurs about marketing.

1- The illusion that our website is very beautiful

Your website may be very good in design, it can describe your business very well, but there are much better ones and similar ones. So what your website can do for more than just being beautiful is making sure that customers who are interested in you leave their information before leaving your page.

2-The misconception that new customers can be reached by sharing on social media

Social media posts can sometimes be useful to reach new customers, but they are usually for you to become more visible to the customers you have contacted before, to remind yourself and show that you are active. To reach new customers from social media, you need to write in person and build relationships.

3-Our product is so good and cheap, it will spread from word of mouth.

No matter how good your product is, they won’t buy it on their own. First of all, there is one thing that you are new and people believe in social validation. A very limited number of customers, on the other hand, must have a long-term satisfaction to be a reference for you.

4-We make an offer, it does not return to sale.

Even if your customer needs the product very much and your product is very advantageous, you have to sell them yourself.

So they need you to sell.

5-Selling and marketing are NOT just promoting the product.

Marketing and sales are not about promoting the product. It is necessary to test the product, to use it, to warm it up, and to ensure that it is adopted. It is to manage these processes automatically.

6- You are closer to sell your old customers than the new ones.

This is true in a way, but it would be a dream to expect a response from new customers on your first offer. After receiving a negative return, you have the possibility to return it to sales as a result of 5 follow-ups.

7-You are NOT better and cheaper than competitors.

If many companies are growing profitably, then their products are good too. Even though customers in your industry have many complaints, they benefit. There is a link in the past. You need to build that emotional bond with your customer from the very beginning.

8-The misconception that you need to start a salesperson.

A good salesperson will surely bring success. However, this success will be as much as the time and effort of that salesperson. In today’s world, sales processes have also changed. Trying to do 100% of the sales process in the physical environment is a very expensive operation. At least 60–70% of sales should be completed online, leaving little work to a physical meeting.

9-If you cannot get a response from the advertisements, it does NOT mean that it is wasted.

In fact, the most important part of advertisements is the audience you can expect to get a return. We want the right audience to come to you by filtering. If everyone is returning with demand in an ad, there is a possibility that you have already got a problem. The purpose of advertising is to meet THE audience that needs your products.

10-First the product, then the marketing mistake.

Marketing is a long-term process. You can build a structure that starts with product development but can only see its fruits when the product comes out. If product development and marketing do not progress simultaneously, it will be a significant waste of time.

11-The misconception that the marketing team must be inside.

If your business is growing, after a while, the most important part will be marketing. You can do most of these marketing operations with your solution partners. Another thing as important as the team is the systems. If you can invest in systems in marketing, you can achieve great growth figures with a more core team.

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