Growing fast by building marketing machines

Many companies that we solved their problems with human resources are now using machines instead. A machine is a physical system consisting of functional components. Sometimes we take software as a machine that works with this logic. Because the elements that solve our problems the most today are structures where many functional components such as software, tools, platforms focus on producing an output in harmony. The subject we are trying to build the ‘machine’ is marketing.

Marketing is a critical issue for the survival of the business. It is one of the basic functions of every business. It is one of the biggest factors in its growth. Today, the most important feature of the definition of a start-up is the concept of fast growth. On the other hand, we cannot ignore that the most important elements of fast-growing companies are a marketing system, marketing method, or marketing team.

We would like every start-up to start life with a marketing team or good marketing knowledge, but that is not possible. As such, start-ups basically use the tools, systems, and agencies to solve their marketing problems.

There are thousands of tools and resources to make marketing better. Using these tools, anyone can build their own machine. However, setting up a machine is not that easy. Even the most important ingredient. Because when deciding on the components of the machine, it is important to decide not the best, the cheapest, the most popular, but the one that suits you, and the one that works…

This marketing machine also needs to answer some of the questions we ask other machines. How efficiently it will work, how often it will output, how much raw material it will work with is important. Start by asking your marketing machine these questions.

  • What components does it consist of?

E.g; Social Advertising, Landing Page, CRM, Call Center, E-mail queues, Demo presentations, Online payment…

  • What kind of mechanism does it work with?

E.g; Lead information flows to CRM, calls the call center within 20 minutes and receives additional information, is included in the e-mail queue, free demo is made, if not cancelled, the first payment is taken….

  • Which raw materials does it use, from which suppliers?

E.g; Segments of targeted customers, these are the words they are looking for, customers are acquired with this targeting and this advertising content from the X social media platform.

  • How costly is it produced?

E.g; The investment required to set up the marketing system is X dollars, the operational cost to run it is Y dollars, and the cost of each sale is Z dollars.

  • How efficiently does it produce?

E.g; 30% of ad views leave customer information. The call center reaches up to 50%. 70% of those reached are included in the free demo. 30% of Deme users buy the starter pack.

  • How does it scale? What are the bottlenecks in the system for growth?

alternative channels, how to develop new capacities. Can we increase output and efficiency by changing or improving some components of the machine?

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