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Branding Setup

Corporate materials are equivalent to your identity in digital media. Who are you, what kind of company are you, where are you located, what do you promise?

Identity, brand, logo, and well-defined rules will make your work easier in all your future works. For example, logos, color palettes, patterns that you can use in any way become a part of all your posts, promotional activities, and even mail and presentation templates.

We not only provide a design service, but also we set up brand identity, corporate identity(Collaterals), digital materials, social identity, and the basic text content in many formats. While doing all these jobs, the customer experience is in a completely digitally transformed process.

Our software infrastructure allows your team members to automatically create many materials such as business cards, e-mail signatures, personal materials using their personal information. In addition, they can access your logo, content that can be used in presentations, reports, and posts, and font files suitable for any format, via the cloud. Many contents is available in popular formats.

Our Branding Setup Works

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